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Workplace Wellbeing

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This bundle consists of 21 courses covering many aspects of Workplace Wellbeing. All courses will take around 5.5 hours to complete.

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approx 5.5hrs
Better Judgements
This module looks at how judgements are made, the barriers to better judgements and how they can be overcome.
Changing Behaviours
By the end of this module you’ll have a better understanding of the scientific processes behind changing a behaviour as well as how to...
This module explores the importance of creativity in the workplace and how you can make it one of your top skills.
By the end of this module you should have a better understanding of different types of empathy and how to develop your own ability to...
Everyday Energy
This module explores the four key areas of energy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and looks at how energy levels can be...
Great Conversations
This module explores the importance of conversations in the workplace with techniques and tips to help make you a great conversationalist.
Healthy Living
This module explores the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep and the influence each of these have on an individual’s health...
Impact & Influence
Two of life’s most important skills are the ability to influence and have a positive impact on the people around you. This module...
Letting Go
This module explores useful tips to help you let go of the things which no longer serve you and break the negative cycle caused by...
Life Balance
This module will enable you to recognise the signs of an unhealthy life balance and discover ways of finding and sustaining a positive...
Managing Emotions
This module explores the different types of emotion, emotional triggers and techniques for effectively managing your emotions in the...
Mental Health
This module explores what an organisation can do to support individuals in the workplace who are suffering with a mental health problem.
This module explores what mindfulness is, how it forms part of our everyday lives and the benefits it brings individuals in both their...
This module explores the different types of mindset and how to modify your own, to make a positive impact on your life.
Personal Agility
Personal agility enables you to handle life's curveballs. This video explores ways in which to develop your personal agility skills.
Positive Thinking
As a positive workforce is a more productive workforce, this module explores the power of positivity in the workplace and how it can be...
Relationship Building
This module looks at how to build and maintain positive working relationships, as well as how to handle conflict situations in the...
This module explores different relaxation techniques and the benefits of rest and recovery from the stresses of everyday life.
This module will help you develop a better understanding of how to be resilient in the face of adversity, by bending instead of breaking...
Sickness & Absence
This module explores the impact of staff sickness and absence and looks at the role of the manager in dealing with sickness absence in the...
Value & Purpose
This module explores how both value and purpose influence our professional lives and the ways in which you can add value to the lives of...