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Social and Corporate Responsibilities

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This bundle consists of 9 courses covering many aspects of Social & Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace. All 9...

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approx. 3 hrs
Anti-Money Laundering
This module explores the act of money laundering and its implications, including the ways proceeds of crime are hidden, the threats,...
Bribery Act
This module explores the Law, the offences under the Bribery Act 2010, prevention, what to do if you’re being bribed and the consequences...
Competition Law
This module explores the two main laws that protect competition in the UK and the penalties for non-compliance.
Cyber Security
This module explores cybercrime including risk management, identifying suspicious activity and guidance for staying safe and secure online.
Driving at Work
This module explores the law in relation to the safety of employees who drive for work, including guidance for both employers and employees...
Modern Day Slavery
This module explores the origins of slavery, the types of slavery that exist today, how to identify victims of slavery and what action can...
Right to Work
This module explores who’s eligible to work in the UK, what documents are considered acceptable, and the consequences of breaking the...
This module explores the importance of sustainability and ways in which we can reduce our harmful impact on the environment to make a...
This module explores the legal protections offered to whistleblowers and the responsibilities of employers to respond to disclosures.