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Personal Development

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This bundle consists of 10 courses covering many aspects of Personal Development. All 10 courses will take around 3 hours to complete.

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approx. 3 hrs
Your confidence levels can suffer if you're uncertain about what’s expected of you, this module encourages you to use questioning...
Dealing with Stress
This module looks at sources of stress and the behavioural and health indicators. It offers advice on dealing with stress and explores ways...
Decision Making
What is the best way to make a decision? This module looks at the ICES process and the use of a decision matrix to help you to make a...
Planning your own Development
This module encourages you to plan ahead. We will look at the different types of learner and the resources required to complete your plan.
Making objectives happen
This module explores the four main types of objective and how to achieve these objectives by following the Make Objectives Happen Loop.
Negotiation Skills
This module explores the six phases of negotiation: preparation, planning, opening, exploring, testing, bargaining and closing to help you...
Problem Solving
This module explores the P.A.I.D method of problem solving and the creative techniques that can be used to identify the nature of a problem.
Remote Working
In this module we look at why people are working remotely and the benefits it can bring for both individuals and organisations.
Setting Objectives
This module explores the four types of objectives. We will look at the S.M.A.R.T method of setting objectives and the two primary...
Time Management
This module looks at the sources of time-based problems and provides you with advice and guidance on how to manage your time effectively.