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Managing Change

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This bundle consists of 6 courses covering many aspects of managing change in the workplace. All 6 courses will take...

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approx. 2 hrs
Challenging the Status Quo
This module explores the importance of ancestral and adventurous thinking in the decision making process. Useful exercises to help you to...
Experiencing change
This module explores the seven steps of the change process - the change curve - and looks at the importance of separating imagined fear...
Making the Change
This module explores the seven characteristics of effective change agents, the decision making process and the importance of effective...
Seeing Change through
This module explores the roadblocks to change. How to overcome them, dealing with criticism, dealing with stress, why change fails and the...
The Need for Strategy
This module explores the 7’s framework which looks at strategy, structure, systems, shared values, skills, style and staff.
Thriving in Change
This module will explore the five main forces of change to help you to anticipate and manage reactions, plus the seven characteristics that...