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Management and Leadership

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This bundle consists of 11 courses covering many aspects of Management and Leadership. All 11 courses will take around...

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approx. 3.5 hrs
Coaching & Mentoring
This module explores the difference between coaching and mentoring. We will look at how to coach and mentor effectively and how to create a...
Developing Leadership
This module will look at how to define the task and set objectives. We will explore the different leadership styles and the characteristics...
Flexible Leadership
This module explores the different styles of leadership and how to modify your own.
Giving & Receiving Feedback
This module will explore the four main work climates: comfortable, stressful, apathetic and high performance and the characteristics of...
Managing Virtual Teams
This module explores the benefits and challenges of a virtual team, the importance of clear communications and ensuring the team’s...
Motivation & Effective Feedback
This module will look at who is responsible for motivating the workforce, the theories behind motivation and six steps to help you motivate...
Planning & Monitoring Team Performance
As a manager you need to be clear on your organisation’s priorities. This module explores six key steps to improve your ability to both...
Project Management
This module looks at the difference between project management and day-to-day management. Simplify the task by breaking the project down...
Taking Action
This module explores the G.R.O.W (Goal, Reality, Options, Wrap-Up) and V-SAFE (Valuable, Suitable, Acceptable, Feasible and Enduring)...
The Effective Leader
This module looks at the four types of leader: directive, consultative, delegative and participative and the characteristics of each.
Training for non-Trainers
This module will guide you through the lesson planning process and look at the different training methods, with pros and cons of each.