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Health and Safety

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This bundle consists of 8 courses covering many aspects of Health & Safety in the Workplace. All 8 courses will take...

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approx. 2.5 hrs
Dangerous Substances
This module explores the definition of Dangerous Substances in the workplace, and considers the responsibilities of the employee and the...
Display Screen Equipment
This module will help to ensure you have a correctly set up DSE workstation, exploring the risks and tips and techniques to ensure you are...
This module explores the laws in place to protect you at work and consider the employer’s and employee’s duties to ensure everyone is...
This module explores the different classes of fire and what extinguishers you need to tackle the fire safely.
First Aid
This module explores the Law, who can become a first aider, and the primary objectives of First Aid. It considers how many first aiders...
Health & Safety
This module is a quick introduction to health and safety at work, The Risk Assessment and Hierarchy of Controls.
Manual Handling
This module explores how to reduce the risk of manual handling related injury. We will consider how to minimise the risk by implementing...
Slips & Trips
Slips and Trips are a major cause of injury at work, so this module is designed to help you avoid the risk of slips or trips in the...