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Customer Service

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This bundle consists of 7 courses covering many aspects of Customer Service in the Workplace. All 7 courses will take...

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approx. 2.5 hrs
Approaching New Customers
This module explores the interaction between the organisation and its customers. The importance of knowing your product, building rapport...
Brand & Reputation
This module explores the way in which brands are perceived and the benefits of generating a positive public perception.
Email Etiquette
This module explores sending and replying to emails, with some useful hints and tips for writing business emails.
Handling Complaints
This module explores complaints and how they can help an organisation to improve and exceed customer expectations.
Know your Customer
This module explores the different types of customer and the importance of meeting the customer’s needs, both stated and un-stated.
Maintaining existing Customers
This module explores ‘moments of magic’ and how these ‘moments’ can generate return business.
Telephone Manner
This module explores using the telephone in the workplace and how to answer and make calls professionally. Make a good make a first...