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Communication and Social Skills

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This bundle consists of 11 courses covering many aspects of Communication & Social Skills. All 11 courses will take...

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approx. 3.5 hrs
Active Listening
This module will explore the ways in which you can prepare for effective communication and examine both the verbal and non-verbal signals...
Asking the right questions
This module explores different types of questions and the situations in which they are most effective.
Body Language
This module explores the interpretation of body language, eye contact, gestures and facial expressions in everyday communication.
Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
This module will examine the six steps involved in communicating with emotional intelligence.
Effective Writing
This module explores how to prepare for writing, the structure, how to express yourself clearly and finally how to edit, correct and...
Expressing Yourself
This module will provide you with advice and guidance on preparing your speech, finding your voice and presenting to others.
How to be Assertive
This module looks at different types of behaviours: passive, aggressive, assertive and the factors that can influence behaviour, both...
Presenting with Confidence
This module will guide you through the different stages of your presentation from preparation and planning through to delivery.
Presenting Data
This module will explore the different options for displaying data, including charts, graphs, pictograms and how to choose the right one...
Social Media Awareness
Gain a better understanding of the impact, risks and benefits of using social media including the value of producing engaging content and...
What's not being said?
Body language is an essential part of communication. We will look at the ways in which body language can be used during an interaction and...