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MS OneNote Desktop and Windows 10 - Introduction

This introductory course to OneNote is for anyone who needs to understand how to use OneNote. It is suitable for absolute beginners. We assume learners will already be familiar with using a keyboard, mouse, computer and assistive technology.

By the end of this course you will be able to 

  • open up OneNote and understand about Notebooks, Sections and Pages.  
  • search efficiently and secure Notebooks too.  
  • create Notes, tables and add graphics to pages as well as adding audio and video content.  
  • work with Office documents and insert screen clippings too.  
This course also covers the desktop and Windows 10 versions.

Estimated Course duration is 2.5 hours. Each lesson takes on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

You can also access our Quick Tip Videos, that only last a few minutes, under Tips and Tricks.

Course Content

Getting Started

Understanding OneNote
Notebook Locations
Notebook Structure
Notebook Sections
Notebook Pages and Subpages
Help Resources

Creating Notes

Typing Notes and Lists
Adding Tables
Adding Graphical Objects
Formatting Pages
Page Templates
Linking and Embedding Files
Creating Audio and Video Notes
Managing Audio and Video Notes

OneNote Tools

Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Using the Send to OneNote Tool
Quick Notes
Working with Drawing Tools
Adding Screen Clippings
Accessibility Features

OneNote Management

Handling Notebook Files
Securing Notebook Information
Collecting Research Information
Using Outlines to Organise Notes
Adding Tags
Searching Notebooks
Deleting OneNote Elements
Recycle Bin
OneNote Backups
Transferring Notes to MS Word
Using OneNote with MS Outlook
Using OneNote with MS Teams


Exporting Notebooks
Printing Notebooks
Sharing Notebooks