CPD Certified

Word Processing - Advanced

This Course is CPD Certified

This Advanced Word Processing course sets out the skills that can be used to produce complex documents, enhance outputs and improve productivity. Suited for those already familiar with using Word Processing.

By the end of this course you will be able to apply advanced text, paragraph, column and table formatting, work with foot and end notes and captions, manage citations and bibliographies, create table of contents, indexes and cross-references, use fields, forms and templates, apply conditional formatting to mail merges, automate tasks with macros and link and embed to integrate data.

Estimated Course duration is 3 hours. Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

Course Content


Text Wrapping
Find and Replace
Paste Special
Line Spacing
Paragraph Pagination
Multi-Level Outline Numbering
Applying Styles
Character Styles
Paragraph Styles
Column Layouts
Column Formatting
Column Breaks
Table Styles
Merging and Splitting Tables
Modifying Cell Contents
Repeating Table Headers
Table Pagination
Sorting Table Data
Converting a Text to Tables
Converting a Table to Text


Adding and Editing Captions
Source Manager
Adding Citations
Creating Bibliographies
Table of Contents
Table of Figures

Enhanced Productivity

Using Fields
Formula Fields
Editing Fields
Using Forms
Protecting Forms
Document Templates
Modifying Default Templates
Setting Up Mail Merging
Mail Merging
Conditional Mail Merging
Creating Charts
Linking and Embedding Data
Modifying Embedding Data
Auto-Correct Options
Automatic Text Entry
Using Macros
Assigning Macros to Buttons

Collaborative Editing

Tracking Changes
Using Comments
Comparing and Merging Documents
Protecting Documents

Prepare Outputs

Using Section Breaks
Headers and Footers
Document Watermarks
Language Settings
Using a Thesaurus