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Google Chrome - Introduction

This introductory Chrome course is for anyone who needs to understand how Google Chrome works.  Suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to brush up on their skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to open up Google Chrome, understand Web addresses and use the Address Bar.  You will also learn how to use Chrome Profiles, Search and be aware of Accessibility features. Also included is how to Print and Save webpages and Download content.  Lastly you will also learn how to manage bookmarks and create reading lists.

Estimated Course duration is 2-3 hours. Each lesson takes on average 3 - 5 minutes.

Course Content

Getting Started

Introducing the Internet
Getting Started with Google Chrome
Understanding Web Addresses
Using the Address Bar

Using Google Chrome

Using Chrome Profiles
Startup Preferences
Using Browser Tabs
Understanding Search Engines
Searching for Web Content
Setting the Default Search Engine
Accessibility Features
Using Auto Complete
Privacy & Security Settings

Saving Web Content

Printing Web Pages
Saving Web Pages
Using Forms
Downloading Content

Organising Web Content

Creating Bookmarks
Organising Bookmarks
Importing & Exporting Bookmarks
Spell Checking
Creating Reading Lists

Browser Management

Changing the Default Browser
Version Update
Setting the Home Page
Customising the New Tab Page
Installing Extensions
Search History
Temporary Internet Files
Cookies & Pop-Ups