Using Databases - Intermediate

This Using Databases course is for anyone who needs to understand the concept of a database, demonstrate competence in using a database and understand what a database is and how it is organised and operated

This course covers the key skills needed to create a simple database and view the database content in various modes, create a table; define and modify fields and their properties, enter and edit data in a table, sort and filter a table or form; create, modify and run queries to retrieve specific information from a database. Understand what a form is; create a form to enter, modify, and delete records and data in records and create routine reports and prepare outputs ready for distribution.

Includes updates as of September 2021 affecting 4 lessons.

Estimated Course duration is 2 - 3 hours.  Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

Course Content

Understanding Databases

Understanding Databases
Database Organisation
Field Properties
Keys and Indexes
Database Relationships
Database Operations

Using the Application

Working with Databases
Creating Databases
Accessing Commands
Using Help Function - UPDATED
Working with Objects
Navigating and Sorting - UPDATED


Adding, Editing and Deleting Records
Creating Tables
Creating Validation Rules
Modifying Tables

Retrieving Information

Searching Databases
Filtering Database Data
Creating Queries
Adding Criteria
Editing Queries


Creating Forms
Modifying Forms


Creating Reports
Modifying Reports - UPDATED
Exporting Data - UPDATED
Printing Tables, Queries, Reports and Forms