CPD Certified

MS Excel 365 - Introduction

This introductory MS Excel course is for anyone who needs to understand how Excel works. Suitable for beginners. We assume learners will already be familiar with using a keyboard, mouse, computer and assistive technology. By the end of this course you will be able to 

  • navigate a spreadsheet and use the ribbon and the quick access toolbar 
  • enter and edit data as well as copy and move it. 
  • use absolute and relative referencing and be able to determine the order of calculations. 
  • create basic formulas and use basic functions such as the auto-sum, minimum, maximum, average and count Functions. 
  • format worksheets and create basic charts and lastly manage large worksheets.  
This course also covers the desktop and web versions.

Estimated Course duration is 3 - 4 hours.  Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

Course Content

Getting Started

Excel Environment
Worksheet Terminology
Navigating Worksheets
Switching between open Workbooks
The Ribbon
Customising the Ribbon
Mini Toolbar
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Backstage View
Getting Help
Opening & Closing Workbooks
Creating & Saving Workbooks
File Formats

Working with Data

Editing Data
Clearing vs Deleting Data
Selecting Data
Moving & Copying Data
Editing Cells
Using Undo & Redo
Find & Select
Creating Custom Lists
Working with Comments

Working with Worksheets

Managing Columns & Rows
Inserting Columns & Rows
Deleting Columns & Rows
Managing Worksheets
Inserting & Deleting Worksheets
Moving & Copying Worksheets

Formulas & Functions

Understanding Formulas
Order of Calculation
Entering & Editing Formulas
Moving & Copying Formulas
Relative & Absolute Cell References
Using Autosum
SUM Function
MIN & MAX Functions
AVERAGE Function
COUNT Function


Live Preview
Text Formatting
Text Alignment
Text Wrapping
Merge & Centre
Text Orientation
Formatting Numbers & Dates
Format Painter
Cell Styles
Conditional Formatting


Chart Basics
Formatting Charts
Recommended Charts

Proofing & Printing

Print Preview
Page Break Preview
Page Setup Options
Setting Print Areas
Spell Check
Printing Worksheets