CPD Certified

MS Word 365 - Introduction

This introductory MS Word course is for anyone who needs to understand how Word works.  Suitable for beginners. We assume learners will already be familiar with using a keyboard, mouse, computer and assistive technology.

By the end of this course you will be able to 

  • understand about backstage view and work with the Ribbon, 
  • create, open, print and save documents.  
  • format and manipulate text, paragraphs and documents. 
  • learn about drop caps 
  • switch between open documents and 
  • proof and print documents.  

This course explains how to use the basic features using the desktop and online versions of Word.

Estimated Course duration is 3 - 4 hours.  Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

Course Content

Getting Started

Word 2019 Environment
The Ribbon
Mini Toolbar
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Backstage Features
Understanding different Views
Read Mode
Getting Help
Opening & Closing Documents
Resume Reading
Creating New Documents
Saving Documents
File Formats

Page Setup

Page Size & Orientation
Page Margins

Text Editing

Inserting & Deleting Text
Using Undo & Redo
Drag & Drop
Cut, Copy & Paste
Office Clipboard

Text Formatting

Live Preview
Selecting Text
Font Type & Size
Applying Text Effects
Format Painter
Clearing Formatting
Changing Case
Highlighting Text
Inserting Drop Caps
Changing the Default Font

Paragraph Formatting

Aligning Text
Line Spacing
Indenting Paragraphs
Applying Bullets & Numbering

Working with Objects

Inserting Pictures
Inserting Online Pictures
Inserting Shapes & Icons
Inserting 3D Models
Inserting Screenshots
Inserting SmartArt
Copying & Deleting Objects
Alignment Guides
Resizing & Moving Objects
Object Zoom

Working with Multiple Documents

Switching Between Open Documents
Arranging Documents
Comparing Documents Side by Side

Proofing and Printing

Spell Checking Documents
Using Built in Dictionaries
Previewing & Printing Documents