Microsoft 365 - Intermediate

This course is for anyone who wants to understand how to use Microsoft 365 further having taken the Introduction course.  It's suitable for complete beginners or those who have a little self-taught knowledge.

By the end of this course you will be able to make the most out of the online apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Viva Engage, Teams, Planner, Delve and Forms.

NOTE Microsoft is continually updating its software, unlike in the past where you could expect a new version every few years. New versions are available regularly with changes adding new features and fixing bug fixes. Occasionally the user interface changes too. So, as you are learning O365 keep in mind that some wording may differ, some features may appear in a different place but the concept remains the same.

Estimated Course duration is 3 hours. Each lesson takes on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

You can also access our Quick Tip Videos, that only last a few minutes, under Tips and Tricks.

Course Content

Working With Word Online

Creating Documents
Adding Content to Documents
Formatting Document Contents
Sharing Co-Authoring Documents
Saving Documents to Onedrive

Working With Excel Online

Creating Workbooks
Adding Content to Documents
Formatting Workbook Contents
Sharing Co-Authoring Workbooks
Saving Workbooks to OneDrive

Working With PowerPoint Online

Creating Presentations
Adding Content to Presentations
Formatting Presentation Content
Sharing/Co-Authoring Presentations
Saving Presentations to Onedrive

Working With OneNote

Creating Notebooks
Understanding Notebook Structure
Adding Content to Notebooks
Sharing Notebooks

Using Planner

Creating Plans
Creating Groups
Creating Tasks
Assigning Tasks
Categorising Tasks Using Buckets
Viewing Plans
Using Planner with Outlook

Communicating With Viva Engage

Taking part in Conversations
New and Existing Communities
Creating Posts
Using Praise
Creating Polls

Keeping Organised with Delve

Delve boards
Finding Content Using Delve
Tagging Files
Working with Favourites, Content and People

Collaborating with Teams

Creating and Joining Teams
Working with Channels
Searching Within Teams
Working with Files in Teams
Meeting and Chat

Microsoft Forms Overview

Creating Forms
Setting Form Options
Creating Quizzes
Sharing Forms
Collating Responses

Working with Sway

Navigating Sway
Creating Sways
Adding Content to Sways
Editing Cards
Grouping Cards
Customising Cards
Previewing Sways
Sharing Sways