CPD Certified

MS Word 365 - Advanced

This Advanced course focuses on understanding how to use the more advanced features such as mail merge, linking and embedding objects and inserting charts

By the end of this course you will be able to 

  • create a mail merge and track changes in a document. 
  • customise Word and insert text boxes 
  • view documents in outline view
  • apply and modify themes 
  • link and embed objects and create charts

Estimated Course duration is 3 - 4 hours.  Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

You can also access our Quick Tip Videos, that only last a few minutes, under Tips and Trick

Course Content

Document Information

Word Count
Smart Lookup

Document Outlines

Viewing Documents in Outline view
Creating Documents in Outline view
Using Outline view with Header Styles

Working with Columns

Creating Column Layouts
Column Formatting
Inserting and Deleting Column breaks


Creating Section Breaks
Viewing and Deleting Section breaks
Expanding and Collapsing Sections


Applying Paragraph Styles
Creating Paragraph Styles
Modifying Paragraph Styles
Using the Navigation Pane


Applying Themes
Modifying Themes
Custom Themes
Applying Themes from documents
Office Themes

Text Boxes

Inserting Text Boxes
Formatting Text Boxes
Copying and Pasting Text Boxes
Re-sizing, Copying and Moving Text Boxes
Text Wrapping around Text Boxes
Linking Text Boxes


Inserting Charts
Basic Chart Formatting

Embedding and Linking

Embedding and Linking Excel Charts
Editing Embedded Charts
Formatting Embedded Charts
Linking Objects
Embedding Objects
Watching Online Videos

Mail Merge

Understanding Mail Merge
Creating Mailing Lists
Creating a Directory Listing
Merging to produce Labels
Sending emails using MS Outlook
Conditional Mail Merging

Customising MS Word

Modifying Word options
Customising the Ribbon
Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Hyphenation Options
Pagination Options
Automatic Text Formatting
Automatic Text Entries
Widow and Orphan Paragraphs
Language Settings