Online Essentials Course

This Online Essentials covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for browsing the web. It's suitable for complete beginners.

Learning Objectives

  • This course covers how to find information efficiently, online communication, and email use

Estimated Course duration is 2 - 3 hours.  Each lesson take on average 3-5 minutes to complete.

Course Content

Web Browsing Concepts

Introducing the Internet
Understanding Web Addresses
Online Security

Web Browsing

Opening MS Edge
Using the Address Bar
Adding New Browser Tabs
Web Based Forms
Translating Web Pages
Setting the Home Page
Available Browser Help Functions
Favourites Bar
Adding to your Favourites
Organising Your Favourites
Temporary Internet Files
Downloading Files
Copying Web Pages Elements
Printing Web Pages

Web-Based Information

Search Engines
Critical Evaluation
Copyright & Data Protection

Communication Concepts

Online Community
Communication Tools

Using E-Mail

Getting Started with MS Outlook
Email Addresses
File Attachments
Email Security
Email Folders
Creating Emails
Priority Levels
Sending and Receiving Emails
Reply and Reply to All
Forwarding Emails
Opening and Saving Attachments
Printing Emails
Available MS Outlook Help Functions
The Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
Creating Signatures
Out of office Assistant
Email Status and Flags
Creating Contacts
Sorting and Finding Emails
Creating Email Folders
Moving Emails
Deleting Emails
Assigning Emails to Junk
Scheduling Meetings